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Do I get a discount if I bundle home and auto together? - Mary S.

The simple answer is, usually.  Many insurance companies offer discounts for bundling your insurance all under one carrier.  Home, auto, renters, umbrella & life discounts are available through many carriers.  Some carriers only offer one type of insurance, but you may still be eligible for other types of discounts.  Most of our carriers offer discounts if you're a AAA member.  Or if you have an account at a certain bank.  Paid-in-full discounts and paperless discounts are also available.  Please talk to one of our representatives to find out what discounts you are eligible for. 

Does my credit rating affect my premium? - John L.

Yes.  Almost every insurance carrier uses some type of credit based scoring in order to come up with a proprietary insurance score.  Each company does it a little different, but what they do is take into account diffferent elements of your credit report and come up with a score.  That score, NOT your credit score, is what is used in the rating process.  Your insurance score is what our agent can see, NOT your FICO credit score.  When your credit is pulled, this is called a "soft" inquiry and does not affect your FICO credit score.  This insurance score is what is used to determine the likelihood that you will file a claim during your policy period.  A study by Consumer Reports shows that a person with bad credit might pay up to $800 more than someone with excellent credit.  We shop your insurance through all of our carriers, not just one or two.  We do this so we can find the best coverage at the best price.

I have a child who just got their driver's permit. Do I need to add them to my insurance? - Michael P.

That depends.  Different insurance companies have different requirements.  All carriers want everyone who is in the household, who has access to the vehicle, listed on the policy.  This also includes anyone outside the home that is using one or more of your vehicles on a regular basis.  Some companies will not require that the child be on the policy until they actually receive their driver's license.  Some require that everyone 15 years old or over must be listed, whether or not they are actually driving.  The key to remember is whether or not they are rated as a driver on your policy.  Just because someone is listed on your insurance does not necessarily mean that you are getting charged for that person being a driver.  If you have additional questions, please call our office and speak to a representative.

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