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Workers' Compensation Group-Rating Discounts

Our clients' savings have exceeded $29 million!  We may be able to save you up to 53% on your workers' compensation premiums!  Our evaluation is free, there is no cost and no obligation.

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Mail or Fax

You may download the form here, complete, and mail or fax it to us at:

Robert Carr Insurance Agency

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Fax: (330) 856-6675

This is to certify that CareWorksComp (ID No. 150-80)(46000/02378, 2019/2020, Code 16/26) including its agents or representatives identified to you by them, has been retained to review and perform studies on certain workers' compensation matters on your behalf.

AC-3 Temporary Authorization (pdf)


Important Information

Limited letter of authority and authorization

The limited letter of authority provides access to the following types of information relating to your account:

  1. Risk files
  2. Claim files
  3. Merit-rated or non-merit rated experiences
  4. Other associated data

This authorization does NOT include the authority to:

  1. Review protest letters
  2. File protest letters
  3. File form CHP-4
  4. File Motions, I-12s, or IC-88s
  5. File self-insurance applications
  6. Represent the employer at hearings
  7. Pursue other similar actions on behalf of the employer
  8. I understand that this authorization is limited and temporary in nature and will expire on February 28 or automatically nine months from date received by the Employer Services or Self-Insured Section, whichever is appropriate.  In either case length of autorization will not exceed nine months.

Criteria for Group Participation

  • Be current on all undisputed premiums, administrative costs, assessments, fines or monies otherwise due to BWC;
  • More specifically, you must be current, not more than 45 days past the due date on any balance greater than $200 due to BWC, by the group-rating application deadline.  The only exceptions are when a policy is placed into an appealed status or a BWC-approved payment plan is in place.
  • Be current on the payment schedule for any scheduled part-pay agreement you've entered into to pay premiums or assessments otherwise due BWC as of the application deadline;
  • Employers cannot have cumulative lapses in workers' compensation coverage in excess of 40 days in the past twelve months preceding the application deadline;
  • Not be a member of more than one group.  If you apply for more than one group on a valid group-experience-rating application, BWC will reject you for all groups.